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How to design a distinctive Oriental in your house?

How to design a distinctive Oriental in your house?

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11 Aug 2014

Zinni meeting small colored square pads

Despite the evolution of designs that most modern day homes, some still prefer toresolve the East ground in meeting one of the rooms of his home, sitting next to the comfortable seats, or receives persons close to him.

Look on the main instructions, when designing this special meeting:

-Stay away from the acquisition of sofas and chairs, and make sure that this meeting will consist of multiple poles to backpacks and soft seats, to ensure comfort for sitting next to stretch a LAAM Latin L or z U, based on wooden or stone base and rises from the ground up to 50 centimeters.

-Zinni meeting with small colored square pillows, as well as the use of "almhadl" round that determines the end of the meeting.
-Use velvet so dark colors, such as red shale and purple seat and back pads, and small pads of silk.
-Make sure that mediates this low table, above the ground by 35 cm made of wood with wrought brass or ivory, also can decorate clear glass or colored one of the side tables.
-Do dress up the walls with wood planks SIRS or engraved, avoiding the use of paint or wallpaper or "phenylpropanolamine" Vinyl.
Preferably wood covers the entire ceiling, a reminder of the old palace.
-Use a classic layered curtains several rises from the Earth by altkharage.
-Choose the large rugs carpet covering the entire earth, and abandoned her in the event of a small water pool meeting brokered made of marble.
-Eat plenty of jellyfish copper attached to the walls, preferably a traditional Lantern down colored glass ceiling.
-Sprinkle with candle holders & stained glass and copper benches around the room, to move the Eastern atmosphere inspired by the story of Scheherazade.