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Study: The girls are stronger than the boys.

Study: The girls are stronger than the boys.

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26 Jul 2014

The boys are creating an atmosphere of balance in the House

There is no doubt that education for girls is not easy. A mother has a daughter, born to tell you how easy raising children and how difficult raising girls. Because of this the prevailing popular opinion, and whether it was correct or not, as long as the girls of the factors that contribute to divorce, according to research conducted in the United States, although these researchers were unable to determine the exact reason: so if you want to preserve your marriage, you have to create a perfect balance in the family! As if it's easy to choose the sex of the baby?!

This study found in a new Duke Universitythat  girls are "more powerful and assertive" than boys. Since the first moments in the uterus of the female sperm is able to bear the hardships of the journey, and glue to inside of the uterus, and even foreign psychological pressures being experienced by the mother after vaccination.

Researchers believe that the female fetus more likely to survive pregnancy in case of troubles and marital problems as well. Although girls ' education may cost anyone sane enough reason to heart and white hair, the girl has an independent personality and tend to take individual decisions, which is natural because the genetic composition of steel which makes them superior to their male counterparts in the early phase of vaccination, and another study described that girls are the most powerful and capable of surviving between the sexes. Girls creating warriors since the beginning!

Researchers believe that the stable emotionally, women suffering from marital problems are more productive for females. So, if you too fracas with your husband before and during pregnancy, can expect to be the next baby girl, it's only you will be able to carry all those pressures.