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10 ways to get your kids eating food!

10 ways to get your kids eating food!

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28 Jan 2014

Kids requires spoon feeding atleast till the age of 5, depending on their eating habits.Every parents face this problem of running behimg your children with the food .So to avoid this make your childrens eating habits intresting to them.!

Few them are.:

1) Story Time: Create a small story which contains animals which your kids like and like those who eat and those who don’t etc & let this continue as per the rate at which your kid begins to eat the food.!

2) Songs Time: Songs are never out of fashion; its a very useful & creative distraction for all ages from 1 to 5.! If you don’t know many songs,just create songs which your kids may love to hear… or the favorite character that your child loves to watch.

3) Games Time: There are many games you can create and play with them… each time taking turns. But at every turn make sure your kid eats one bite of his/her food.

4) Draw & Paint: Get the kids to eat while they create their masterpiece in drawing or painting.Make sure Each time they take a bite of food saying them that it would help them draw better.

5) Teddy Get-Together: Get their soft toys (Dolls, Teddies, Bunnies etc) to sit together for a little picnic… & make sure your kid is one of the invitees. Let him/her eat along, just as the obedient teddies and dolls do!

6) 20 minute Picnics: While this option is not an option at all the times, but if you have a little garden in or around your home, take the kid out for a little picnic, sometimes. Even if its is not like a full fledged picnic (with basket, mat and frisbee), it can just be little fun-eat-out in your garden.

7) Family Fun: If you can get your husband or an elder sibling to join the struggle, it can turn into fun for the family. Just let your hubby or yourself dance to something funny or create some fun noises… even the elder sibling can do that… And this can surely keep the kid distracted and engrossed, while you smoothly glide a bite into that little mouth. After all, ‘A family that has fun together, stays together!’

8) Friends Forever Time: If your kid enjoys the company of other kid then you could opt for a friends meal time. If your kid has his/her little friends in the neighborhood, you can plan one or two days a week for such a way that your kid will be eating wid them. Let the moms get together with the kids and their tiffins at a common place.

9) Get Creative with Food: This is quite an interesting option. It keeps your creative buds blooming and the kids can have fun eating them. Your two to five year olds with really love it.Make the food looks like they way yo eat. Let them bite into a sandwich where grated cheese hair, olive eyes, tomato smile, cucumber ears! Present foods creatively. 

10) Ease it off: The difficult option! Just let your kid eat on his own. Kids need their freedom too. Most of the times, they would like to start off on their own… only to realize that it isn’t easy to carry on eating. You have to make your kid feel they are free n all.!

You can try all these option according to your wish.! Try all these and select the best way to make your child eat better.! We are sure that this tips will helps you .! So try it.!