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Good News For Teenage facebook users.!

Good News For Teenage facebook users.!

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21 Jan 2014

Recently facebook announced a happy news for their teenage users. Now facebook no longer restricts the teen from posting their status and other contents. Facebook’s many under-18 users will be able  use their privacy as easily as the site’s older users. Until now, Facebook restricted teens from posting status messages or photos “publicly,” a.k.a. to the whole world.Before for teens the publicity option was maximum to share it with friends of friends.

Some argue that this is a disadvantage for the teens as it may lead these teens to use wrong pages n applications used by the elders..

(Interestingly, when it comes to publicity around the two sensational suspects, the mainstream media is taking a different approach than Facebook and keeping these teens’ privacy settings high.“Protecting children means protecting them from undue publicity,” an academic tells the New York Times.)

The main advantage of this change is for the parents..Even if their children doesn’t accept their friends requests then parents will be able to follow them.