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Is Chicken, a Feathered dinosaur?

Is Chicken, a Feathered dinosaur?

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27 Jan 2014

Actually some scientists hint that Chicken is a new age Dinosaur.

Birds are amazingly similar in bone structure to the fearsome predator Velociraptor (not a missing link itself, Velociraptor was the start of a chain of evolution leading to birds). So how did vicious Velociraptors evolve into timid sparrows and thrushes?

Scientists were convinced there must have been a half-bird, half-Velociraptor. The breakthrough came in 2005, when scientists found in Utah a mass graveyard of hundreds of little fossil dinosaurs, which they named Falcarius utahensis. They don’t know whether Falcarius ate meat or plants—it may have eaten both. But it had shaggy feathers like an emu and a beak like a bird. The origin of the humble chicken, perhaps Fear not, but give respect to the evolutionary version of the Gigantic Dinosaur, it’s just our daily meal Chicken!