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Gift 1 million Facebook likes as dowry; take away Yamani!

Gift 1 million Facebook likes as dowry; take away Yamani!

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26 Jan 2014

For people, social networking has now become a part and parcel of life. This happened in Yemen. A Yamani father demanded 1 million Facebook likes on his page as dowry for his daughter from his future son-in-law. The Yamani father Salim Ayyash is a famous Facebook user in the region of Taiz, Yemen. He asked Osama (future son-in-law) to do so as he would be monitoring the progress. Ayyash granted Osama a time duration upto two years, within which Osama has to accomplish the task. If Osama succeeds in accomplishing well before time, Ayyash will be happy to see Osama married to his daughter. Yemen is a country with 24 millon population with little percentage of web users. The news went viral in Yemen, as the bloggers aided Osama by asking people to help. Osama has managed to attain more than 35,000 likes. In a report Ayyash states that the scenario created is to shift public attention to the country's social situation where due to political issues nobody in Yemen can afford dowries anymore.