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Playing the fools card Or accepting the facts and being ready to see and realize the truth?

Playing the fools card Or accepting the facts and being ready to see and realize the truth?

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23 Dec 2017

So there happened to be two friends whom I used to be friends with, seen them being best friends forever for the past 4 years, bravo it's not a small thing that they made it this far. Not every friendships and relationships last this long to be honest. They were the inseparable, the perfect example of best friends. What happened then? What can affect a friendship? Can distance affect friendship? Can mere annoying fights affect friendship? Can anything? For real? Why is to so hard for someone to forgive one another? And to tolerate? Why is it that we allow ourselves to doubt the one loyal person in our lives? Why do we question their integrity due to statements given by people who once tore you apart once? Who is the fool here? Who is the joker? Why change everything that you had and once only you needed just because you got something new? If that person has complaints about things you do now, ever asked yourself why that person had started to complain or behave this way? Ever tried thinking about the way you treated them once so close you made them feel home and then started to drift away? Just because someone toxic who ruined your life once said something you don't feel anything for a friendship that had each other's back for so long? Or since you got new things does that mean what you had was nothing valuable? Are you a good friend my dear reader? If you did any of this to someone then what makes you think you deserve  the things you have in your life right now? Ask yourself who's the bigger fool here. When are we even going to realize the truth about ourselves and our actions or the very truth in front of us? When are we even going to realise about what we are loosing for our temporary comforts?

Well that's up to the person reading this. Have a good day people.