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Are you jealous? Want to overcome jealousy nature?

Are you jealous? Want to overcome jealousy nature?

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08 Aug 2014

Learn about the types of jealousy and how to overcome them!

Jealousy is a form of anger that results from fear of loss

Natural feeling jealousy toward risk one might think.Not necessary to have this feeling is negative. But sort out the become a reality when actually lose control of jealousy and your behavior.

Irrational jealousy

This kind of jealousy of perceived or interpreted incorrectly. It is based on the mad confusion and insecurity, not on facts. Of irrational jealousy depends largely on feelings that there is significant, despite the absence of any evidence of the credibility of his feelings.

These people suffer from depression, convinced they are right to feel jealous, even when the evidence does not support this conviction they have. It is very difficult to really show them, they need to treat myself to a specialist.

Jealousy destroyed

Jealousy destroyed based on the fact, which means that the emotional risk inducing feelings of jealousy can be based on external evidence. When one suffers from destructive jealousy is pouring his wrath or ytlasn with out causing the harm. Not effective protection mechanism because of the focus on the pain, instead of focusing on a solution.

The best way to control this kind of jealousy is through consultation.

Jealousy proactive

Proactive risk based on jealousy and persistent emotional security. The purpose of which is to avoid feeling hurt and relief, but that sometimes pay jealous people to do serious things and act crazy. Jealousy is rarely proactive violence or self harm.
The feeling of jealousy to do some productive things, like putting an end to an unsuccessful relationship or friendship is destroyed.

To control jealousy

Jealousy is a form of anger that results from fear of loss. Similar to control anger. And when you feel that you are jealous, you somehow manage to calm. Take deep breaths and try to relax, and look at the situation honestly. Don't let jealousy pleasure never spells, as it takes away the credibility of your feelings and the others ignored. Your approach has been invited to be calm and strict. Give your opinion without charging anyone else and focus only on what you feel is what it gets.

Avoid accusing others or censure them because of their behavior. Admit that you feel jealous reaction, and try to reach a solution, rather than make the time referred to. Hebrew on your feelings, and try to focus only on the actual problem.