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20 most dangerous animals in the world

20 most dangerous animals in the world

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22 May 2014

No doubt all of god’s creations are beautiful and useful, and this rule applies to animals as well. But every animal has its own characteristics and sometimes when he compromised domain can largely be dangerous.


20.Africanized Honey Bee:

An experiment gone wrong, in 1957 a Brazilian bee keeper who was trying to interbreed European and African honey bees accidently let some of his “pets” get away. Much more aggressive than their European counterparts, these genetically mixed “killer bees” have since then spread through out the Americas. They have come to be feared in some regions because of their tendency to swarm relentlessly and aggressively chase their victims for miles.



The Stone fishes, whose members are venomous, dangerous, and even fatal to humans. It is one of the most venomous fish currently known in the world. They are found in the coastal regions of Indo-Pacific oceans as well as off the coast of Florida and in the Caribbean.


18.Great White Shark:

The legendary Hunter is three times more frightening than any other edible and non-edible. They have simulation and modeling for their functionality. They all float like a boat and attacks. But some people believe that sharks do not eat humans.


17.Black Mamba:

It is one of the most frightening things in the world that some experts have also given him the nickname statue death. There are many legends about the snake in Africa about their dangerous, rapid and sudden attacks.


16.Buffalo nose guard:

It was created by God and not entirely unpredictable human behavior is not good. The African buffalo is called a widow or known as the Black Death and is the main cause of death for many animals in his own territory.


15.Poison arrow frogs:

It is an amphibious, 2-inch color body animal with deadly poison that can destroy an army of 20 thousand mice. Only 2 micrograms of this lethal poison can quickly stop the heart of a large animal. This is far worse if the poison is on the body surface and tiger skins. Be careful not to touch it.


14.Polar Bear:

Unlike other animals on this list, the world's largest carnivore is not scared of you. Although in the general condition of the animals do not kill people. But it is dangerous, which is perhaps the main reason why many people do not live around him.


13.Sea Bride:

The creature is more dangerous than the sharks, stone fish because it causes human deaths more quickly and the most poisonous animal in the world have these boxes called death. Poison of this creature is toxic to the heart and lungs of humans.


12.African Lion:

The human animal is not in the list of prey species, but some people were not spared by the king of the forest. One example is that of 1898, 28 railway workers in Kenya were torn by African lions.



It is a species of tree snake. It is said that it does not attack man but if it happens, will change the rules of the game.



While these predators may be wary of human interaction during the day, after sunset the paradigm shifts. Although hyenas have been known to hunt humans throughout history, the behavior tends to increase during wartime and disease outbreaks due to their strong affinity for human corpses.


9.Komodo dragon:

It is really scary! Like polar bears, these are not pricky eaters. They eat from birds to much water Buffaloes and humans. Even it is said that these animals will dig and eat the bodies out of the graves. It seems like once a month like polar bears, they like to eat human flesh!


8.Tse Tse Fly:

This tiny insect is one of the largest blood sucking fly which causes African sleeping sickness. It is found that 250 thousand people a year lose their lives by this insect.



When animals are injured, they run away and hid themselves in a corner, but the Jaguars dont. When these dangerous creatures are wounded they become even more dangerous. If you've seen Discovery Channel knows that they like to hide their prey out of reach.


6.Carpet viper:

It is the main cause for majority of snake deaths in the world. Unfortunately most of the bites occur in areas that lack modern medical facilities so the victims slowly bleed to death over the course of several weeks. This viper uses a hemotoxin similar to that of the boomslang.


5.Blue ringed octopus:

God forbid if you encounter a dangerous animal to know just exactly a dying breath away and soon you will be disconnected. nature, however, shows no mercy and they will maintain their consciousness for the next few hours until the venom is neutralized by their body. This is of course assuming that you, or someone at the hospital, continue artificial respiration.



The animals are herbivores, but make no mistake, these are considered one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa. Their characteristic is that humans are promptly attacked and sought to destroy the entire vehicles.


3.Saltwater crocodile:

Besides being dangerous animal in the food chain which has the record of eat everything from water buffalo to sharks. To bring down their prey using a method called death rolling where it relentlessly flips its prey over and over in the water until it drowns and then comes apart.


2.The African Elephant:

It is the world’s largest land animal. This animal’s activities are considered highly vindictive even razing entire villages in the process.



Even though these are very small they are very deadly and are spread world-wide. It is been found that mosquitos transmit diseases to almost 700 million people annually resulting in 2 to 3 million deaths every year.