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UNESCO threaten the development of the Great Barrier Reef on the list of endangered heritage

UNESCO threaten the development of the Great Barrier Reef on the list of endangered heritage

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03 May 2014

Threatened by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization "UNESCO" to put the barrier (torus) Reef actually off the coast of Australia on the list of World Heritage in danger and in light of the controversy over the plan, the Australian Government aimed to get rid of the sediment that has been removed from the area. And allowed the Australian authorities responsible for the Barrier Reef last January dumping sediment in the region within the framework of a project to create one of the largest coal ports in the world. But scientists have warned that the sediment may smother or poison the coral reefs there. And based on UNESCO to the presence of "significant threats" facing the Barrier Reef, and said that it is a reason to consider putting it on the danger list. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure of coral reefs in the world, and is characterized by the richness of marine life in the area. And extends for more than 2,600 kilometers on the coast of eastern Australia.

"Other Options"

The project comes within the sediment discharge allows for the development of a large number of companies to export coal from the basin area Galilei through the port of Abbot Point. The government had agreed late last year to expand the port of coal, which requires leveling operations to allow ships to enter the port.

And about the area, about 25 km north-east of the port, within the marine park. The authorities said Marine Park in the Great Barrier Reef when it agreed to the plan that the discharge process will be subject to "strict environmental requirements."But it still raises controversy. UNESCO said in its report that the plan dumps sediment from Abbott Point "worrying”. The UNESCO report said: "This has to approve the plan, although there are signs that there are other options with less impact."The report also said that the long-term plan for sustainable development, which will be completed in Australia by 2015, it should result in "concrete administrative measures, consistent, and powerful enough, to ensure the preservation of" the Barrier Reef.

In particular, it must be considered the most important factors to the deterioration of the barrier, such as "water quality, climate change, and the need to restrict coastal development and related activities."In the absence of "remarkable development", will be considered by UNESCO in Barrier Reef put on danger list at the conference to be held in 2015.The Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt that the report highlighted the development in a number of areas, including water quality. He said in a statement that the approval of the development of the port of Abbot Point, "underwent a rigorous environmental assessment."As quoted by the Australian Broadcasting Authority and the Minister for Environment in the state of Queensland as saying he was confident that the current business Barrier Reef will not put in the list of the danger, stressing that they "are committed to protecting it, and that we can continue to manage the ports objectively does not harm the environment."