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Strange physical ants

Strange physical ants

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26 Apr 2014

Based on studies performed upon seeing the blue ants which prevents the continuation of the movement and its progress can be your body by connecting to each other and very accurate account boat and made the Queen Ant for crossing the dam created by the water protection.

Studies conducted by the researchers show that the construction process (boat works with your body to ants) at the same time the wonderful simplicity and speed for safe and reliable would be that most all of the ants that are going under the boat made for healthy open drought episodes.

These studies on 19 February (February), published in the PLoS One paper.

For Kelly social foundation that focuses on animals and live group (Social Animals) including the insects in the case of a particular risk or problem encountered is starting to do the work and activity of the group. Japanese honey bees, for example the process by each other's body l that the correct oven heat it will be decapitated.

Ants that live in areas where there is a lot of water in their environment to create, simply and easily know which direction the water obstacle crossing created how do boat and it passes. Scientists of different species of these ants will muster and to investigate how its performance in various conditions existing in the population in terms of type of Ant (worker, Queen, soldier). During the review it was observed that ants with Ant build the boat of the Queen and children are protected by ants and protection from the risk of them being rescue and also the Queen ants along the route to provide guidance and to scout the route.

The worker ants and protective of infants in terms of the possibility of drowning in the water acts very robust and with Dell and John put the Ant Queen's in the middle of his act to protect themselves, they are also damaged and older ants and more valuable in the deck and the top of the boat made maintenance. based on information obtained this boat made much more than something that scientists Resistant thought and expected.

Dr. Purcell (Purcell) says that is really puzzled when making the young ants and more powerful boats in the following section.

He and his colleagues have expressed that General ants unless rim and harsh conditions forced interest and build a boat and cross the water environments do not, of course, may be the sense of risk factor also would have to work like that, of course, this theory has not been tested yet.

Overall this is a risk in the event the ants, such as the falling status of the nest or when being transported to immigration and unexpected part to live or try to go back to the initial place of life in a athrahadesh such as water loss have taken away from the hands to create boats and traverse the essence juice. of course, it should be noted that in the natural conditions when crossing water may be factors such as fish in water or Wave movements of GON water level causing disruption and difficulty in moving the species to be creatures boat and put the casualties, rather than that this is in fact the difference between the world of natural environment and experiments conducted in the lab.