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Tjikko tree

Tjikko tree

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28 Jan 2014

The old tree in the world is ''Old Tjikko''. It wass said to be 9550 years old according to Leif kullman,a professor of physical Geography. he used carbon dating to support his findings. This tree is located on the fulufjallet mountain of Dalarana province in sweden. The tree got its name after Leif Kullman's dog.

At first this 5 meter tall tree may not look the oldest living organism in this planet, but sizes can trick you at times. This tree has suffered lots of weathers in the past 9000+ years but still it is surviving all this due to the two processes of vegetative cloning and layering. In the process of vegetative cloning, the tree trunk can die every few hundred years (~600 in this case), but the root system lives on for thousands of years. Layering occurs when one of the branches touches the ground and eventually "turns into a root".  another intresting thing that shocked the scientists are that they dicovered several trees in the area, all dating 8000+ years old.