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Animal Cruelty really a threat?

Animal Cruelty really a threat?

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18 Mar 2014

This article argues that it is important to engage in large-scale studies of the scope of, and Factors related to,animal cruelty. Although animal cruelty has previously been linked to later both juvenile and adult violence, little research has established the prevalence of this behavior in the general child population. However, preliminary studies suggest that as many as 50% of children (aged 7-17) may have been either directly involved in, or witnessed acts of animal cruelty. In addition, no studies have examined the immediate impact on the child who abused an animal, or on a child who witnesses such an event.

It seems to be an accepted fact that today’s society is becoming more violent and that as a consequence of this increased violence, society is becoming desensitized. The scientific community, psychologists, social workers, animal protection personnel and others are now finding that the cycle of violence often begins with cruelty towards animals. Numerous research studies conducted over the last one to two decades have shown that abuse directed towards animals is indisputably linked to child abuse and domestic violence. Despite the findings of these studies and Anecdotal evidence, society has, and generally still is, compartmentalizing these acts of violence as well as the agencies charged with responding to them.

However, as evidence mounts that these two types of violent acts are not distinct from one another, there is a growing realization and acceptance that there is a need to adopt an integrated and collaborative approach to the problem. There is also a growing recognition that a collaborative approach cannot occur without the better detection of acts of animal cruelty and the recording of data pertaining to such incidents. The education and training of the professionals who interact with both the victims and perpetrators of violence must also form an integral part of the solution.

The problem of agencies not recording data, having incomplete records, and failing to exchange information with others is not a problem just limited to the investigation of animal cruelty.