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Spy plane and the air traffic chaos behind the Western United States

Spy plane and the air traffic chaos behind the Western United States

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08 May 2014

Revealed the Civil Aviation Authority of the U.S. Federal "FAA" spy plane that is responsible for a malfunction in one computer systems causing chaos in air traffic in the western United States last week. This occurred when the defect record software inaccurately as the plane approached from the other aircraft collision. The computer system overloaded with vast amounts of information at a time when it was trying to narrowly define new paths for aircraft that could happen to her potential collision. And canceled hundreds of flights at Los Angeles International Airport. Although the system is restarted, it has been delayed dozens of flights at the level of smaller airports across the region.

Training operations

Said Lin Onzford spokeswoman for the Civil Aviation Authority Fed that "on the day of April 30 / April 2014, he was one of air traffic regulations of the Commission, which it processes information about the plan trips to the problems by addressing plan a trip to the plane of the type U-2 are going to rise very large and according to the rules Aviation visible.”She added that the computer system, "explained the error" plane U-2 plane as usual kind of going at a low altitude, and the difficulties faced in making sure that the flight path does not interfere with movements of other airline in the region. She explained that "the Civil Aviation Authority Fed has been able to solve this problem within an hour, and then she immediately set the system to ask now specific data about the level of high-flight plan for each trip."

The union said it boosted memory addressing trips in the computer system. The Ministry of Defense, "the Pentagon" on Monday that the spy plane belonging to the air force of the type U-2 was conducted training operations in the region, adding that "all the paperwork original plan the trip" was presented. The U-2 plane used in reconnaissance flights during the Cold War, and there are plans to transmit them to retire during the next few years.