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Renewed clashes between the army and Al-Qaida militants in South Yemen

Renewed clashes between the army and Al-Qaida militants in South Yemen

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01 May 2014

Violent clashes between the Yemeni army and Al-Qaeda militants, on Thursday morning, in the region of ãíýúé in Shabwa province, southern Yemen.

A Yemeni military source said that a number of Al-Qaeda members had been killed by the clashes, adding that the number was not immediately clear.

The clashes started in the provinces of Shabwa after two days before troops from the Yemeni army in the military campaign in the region at the junction in the province against Al-Qaida elements.

But a senior military official told Anatolia ", killing eight soldiers and wounding 22 troops in clashes with Al-Qaida in Shabwa province over the past two days."

The Yemeni Defense Ministry said in a statement posted Tuesday night killed five Al-Qaida leaders in Shabwa province during clashes with the army, without revealing the death toll during confrontations; Al-Qaeda on Wednesday denied the killing of several leaders during these confrontations.

He said a statement issued by the Al-Qaeda leader, Jalal belaidy, known as "Hamza" Zanzibar "elements in Shabwa province while targeting a car, not including any Al-Qaeda leadership", noting that "the US Government has chosen to participate in the mill alone fought," he said.

Al-Qaeda leader said that "America will give fugitive in the Arabian peninsula and flee in Viet Nam, reiterates it in Afghanistan and Iraq," according to the statement.

Yemeni President abdrabo Mansur Hadi said Tuesday that 70 percent of Al-Qaida fighters in Yemen are foreigners from outside Yemen, according to the official news agency.

Yemen suffers from violence under unprecedented security breakdown in the country, according to official statistics, the millions of weapons in the hands of Yemenis, some 25.4 million.

The security challenge is one of the main challenges facing Yemen which witnessed violence, bombings and assassinations almost daily left hundreds dead and thousands wounded in the ranks of the army and security, politicians and tribesmen, along with citizens and activists targeted elements calculated on Al-Qaida and insurgents