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Benefits of Orange which you are not aware off

Benefits of Orange which you are not aware off

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09 Aug 2014

Orange is an important source for vitamin c

Often heard about the benefits of Apple green, red and yellow, but what about Orange!

According to experts, the Orange has many health benefits. You can take different forms, such as orange juice or power or even with dark chocolate. Orange fruit of citrus family rich in fiber and used in making desserts and refreshing dishes.

Benefits of Orange is known:

Strengthen immunity

Orange is an important source for vitamin c and these vital nutrients help to improve immunity, avoid diseases and infections.

Gorgeous skin

With age, the skin becomes much more variable and less flexible, but orange is rich in antioxidants and vitamin c, can slow the aging process of the skin and makes your skin look younger than your age! So what are you waiting for, eat an orange every day a permanent youth.

Great for the eyes

Orange richer in nutrients such as vitamin a, vitamin c, and potassium which are very beneficial for eye health.

Protects from stomach ulcers
Oranges are a good source of fiber which helps maintain a healthy stomach. And a diet rich in fiber can guarantee you not intestinal diseases such as stomach ulcers and constipation. Therefore, you should put the orange in your daily diet.