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Why breakfast is the first step to break the fast

Why breakfast is the first step to break the fast

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25 Jan 2014

A healthy breakfast has always been the secret key of well-being unfortunately many are unaware of it .all take efforts to keep them healthy but they skip breakafast without knowing the importance of it  . unintentional skipping of food has been increased several years .

many forget the negatives impact on health caused due to  skipping of food .many skip breakfast due to the wrong belief that it reduces intake of calaroie and thereby helps in controoling weight

Below are few facts why breakfast is the first step to break fast and start the day directing the body and mind towards a healthy lifestyle.

1) High glycaemic index breakfast helps to reduce calorie intake and help in reducing. starting the day with a high carbohydrate meal, leads to a increase in blood glucose and insulin levels for 2 to 3 hours post meal.

this insulin levels stimulate the release a hormone controlling appetite , leptin . As a result, appetite is controlled for the next 6 to 8 hours, thereby reduces  calorie intake .

2) A high-fibre, low-calorie breakfast can increases bad cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes.
Failing to break the overnight fast of over 10 hours can lead to low blood glucose levels, setting the body on a fat storage mode.

In this energy compromised state, the brain signals the liver to release energy to fuel our morning activities. The liver is forced to produce energy in the form of fat. this causes a rise in bad cholesterol levels.

Having a healthy  meal helps in increasing  blood glucose levels and the remaining fat is directed into the fat cells in the abdomen area. Central obesity may lead to insulin resistance, hypertension and related cardio-vascular illnesses. Fortified wholegrain cereals have shown to reduce cardio- vascular mortality in adults.

3) Breakfast helps in  reducing  evening snacking of fatty foods , mood-driven eating disorders. consumption of a high-protein breakfast reduced the brain signals which increases motivation for food and also improved the diet quality among obese adolescents.

Digestion of protein is energy requirung process, leading to breakdown of fat. Dietary protein also suppresses the hunger-inducing hormone

4) An ideal breakfast should be:

1. taken  before or at start of daily activities.

2. Within 2 hours of waking.

3. shouldn't be delayed later than 10am.

4.Of energy level between 20 to 30 per cent 
of total daily energy needs.