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Health benefits of fasting

Health benefits of fasting

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22 Jul 2014

Learn about the top 9 health benefits of fasting

Respect times of sleep, avoid staying long

"Fast wake up." Undoubtedly, Ramadan holds you a lot of spiritual, social and health benefits that many have missed. 

To take advantage of the latter, the important tips for healthy fasting.

1. Make sure to eat Suhoor and not abandon start, they provide your body with energy during long hours of fasting.

2. Drink water in between breakfast and Suhoor, as well as natural juices free of any additives.

3. Eat plenty of vegetables during the Ramadan meals, because they provide you with protection from many of the problems that may affect the colon.

4. Stay away from sweets and fatty meals that are high in fat. Several studies have shown that the high percentage of body fat can increase the risk of some cancers in the colon.

5. Pull out smoking, especially the water pipe, which is a source of entertainment during Ramadan long. These bad habits lead to bloating in the abdomen and diarrhea in some fasters, as well as causing serious physical illnesses-smoking on the respiratory, cardiovascular and injury to the audience than non-smokers.

6. Respect the times of sleep, avoid watching the long, because these behaviors lead to cramping in the nerves of the body, and the nerves of the digestive system in particular.

7. Make sure that your child's abundance of drinking water, especially in the tropics, where children of dehydration, due to play outdoors in the sunshine.

8. Make sure to practice sports activities, particularly light, and avoid carrying out shortly before breakfast, so as not to cause a strong drop in blood sugar.

9. Prepare a healthy low-fat meals for your family, and avoid preparing many dishes to avoid intestinal disorders and cause different pains when fasting.