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Traditional Kerala Poratta Leads To Death

Traditional Kerala Poratta Leads To Death

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28 Jan 2014

Poratta The Tradtional Indian Evening Food Which Is A Regularly Eaten By Malayalees... But They Don't Know They Are Closing To Their Death. The Poratta Is Made Of Maida Dough. This Maida Is Bleeched By Bleeching Products Which Result In A Toxin Leads To The Production Of Insulin Your Body Over And Above The Limit. So this Will Affect Your Vital Organs Like Pancreas, Brain, Pancreas.

Porotta is usually loved by the kids. Most of the children need poratta.Avoiding Maida profucts will be good for your children! 

Poratta Is Become A Wide Attraction For Tourist. Marine Drive And All Are Building Customers By This Single Food.. But They Don't Realise The Harmfull Effects. Taste Made Everyone Attract To It But The Taste Result In Death. So Try To Avoid Poratta And Maida Products.