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Why Emotional intelligence is important like IQ ?

Why Emotional intelligence is important like IQ ?

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27 Jan 2014

Emotions shape the path of our lives and influence our decision-making process. Our emotional actions and reactions affect who we are and control whether or not we are able to achieve our goals. As Aristotle said, the problem is not with emotionality, but with the appropriateness of emotion and its expression. The difference lies in the abilities called emotional intelligence which include self-control, persistence and the ability to motivate oneself.

Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity to recognise your own feelings. It describes abilities distinct from academic intelligence measured by IQ. Many people who are book smart lack emotional intelligence and end up working for people who have lower IQ's. Emotional intelligence as Aristotle puts it is the rare skill to be angry with the right person, in the right way.

Childhood is a critical time for its development since it’s not fixed at birth. It can be strengthened and nurtured throughout adulthood. A large part of our success in life is based on our EQ. How we manage our emotions and the way we relate to others determine how successful and satisfied we are in life.

When it comes to shaping our decisions and our actions, feeling counts every bit. We have gone too far in emphasizing the value and import of the purely rational of what IQ measures in human life. Emotions have the potential to get in the way of our most important relationships.


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