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Eating fish can help you to hear better?

Eating fish can help you to hear better?

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19 Sep 2014

When you read the heading you may be thinking how eating fish can benefit you in such a way. Fish has many benefits but we people just know about few benefits. So here we share with you some information about the health benefits.
Not unlike one of the health benefits present in fish, the benefits are innumerable, and since they are an important part of human diet we find every day new medical research confirms and demonstrate benefits of fish are endless, rich and modern American study has shown that eating oily fish twice a week can protect and preserve the power of hearing women, for its fatty fish oils to combat Alzheimer's and dementia and maintaining the power of hearing aids, the study reported that the oil-rich balaomiga 3 found in fish, such as sardines, tuna, and salmon "effectively useful hearing.

Doctors and administrators that those results confirm the fact that the consumption of foods rich in balaomiga 3 fatty fish helps to improve blood circulation in the ear, in reaching this conclusion the researchers from the Harvard School of medicine analyzed the medical records of 65,000 women, and these women were followed for 20 years, and study the responses to the questionnaires on dietary habits and quality of their hearing, and after two decades, the researchers found that the hearing in women who ate fish at least twice a week the best 20% of the others.

Other studies also confirm that the fish meat is more useful than red meat, because they contain substances that have a positive impact on the human body, so many doctors recommend eating fish meat over red meat after the age of 40 they contain vitamins that help protect the body from diseases of old age.