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Does your child really need extra vitamins?

Does your child really need extra vitamins?

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26 Jul 2014

Start early to make various items of food for the children to get used to different tastes

Mothers often worry about the dietary habits of children, there is at least one child in each family suffering from food or mood disorder when it comes to healthy food choices. And that healthy eating affects the physical and mental development of the child, the mother may have to resort to the use of a food supplement or multivitamins at times.

Doctors recommend at first to provide variety favored or loved children such as breakfast cereal, milk and orange juice fortified with important nutrients such as vitamin d and calcium by using nutritional supplements. Children do not need large amounts of vitamins and minerals, but can't get enough of healthy snacks that are the mother's home.

However, some doctors sometimes give children multi vitamins if suffering from an eating disorder or follow a vegetarian diet, or diagnosed slowly growing or not eating regular meals and balanced regularly. These are nutritional supplements and vitamins is a good idea for children with chronic diseases or food allergies.

You are advised to consult a doctor before giving children any vitamins or supplements. Some medicines may interact with dietary supplements, if taken at the same time, in addition to the massive doses of vitamins and minerals so that their health can be toxic