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A cup of green tea can make you a healthy human

A cup of green tea can make you a healthy human

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10 Jul 2014

Of the most common problems encountered during the month of Ramadan is alsam the emergence of a "Rumen" because of the great food meals and desserts, the problem is not in appearance, but also damages the health fasting later, and get rid of the rumen in Ramadan can follow the following tips:
1. Drink a cup of green tea a day it helps get rid of toxins retained in the body.
2. Eating too much milk it provides the body with energy, food and gives a sense of fullness particularly frugal fatty dinner has been replaced with a glass of milk.
3. Lack of drinking cold water for breakfast.
4. Lack of sleep immediately after eating, especially if the fasting person has hearty meals and many dishes of food items.
5. Apple peels are more foods that help clean the intestines as well as the peel of citrus that can be hailed with a glass of water and drink it warm.
6. Reduce the intake of foods that cause swelling such as legumes (beans, chickpeas and lentils), bananas and pastries.
7. Chew food well when you eat, you eat fast human swallows many makes of air thus causing puffiness.
8. Sit in a healthy way, especially if you sit still for a long time at work or home.
9. Exercise for tummy tuck for 20 minutes a day.