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How to market a dead rat? : Marketing Ways

How to market a dead rat? : Marketing Ways

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07 Jul 2014

Ok ok hold up. I know you people read the title and went like 'What the shemurr you talking about brah. its impossible. Who would want a dead rat.' but hey, guess what thats what marketing is about making the impossible possible for the word impossible says I'm possible.

First of all whenever you get a task, never think that is impossible. The important thing you must possess is to have the courage to take the responsibilities and to make the task work in any possible manner.

So how will you market a dead rat? What do you think are the possible ways for that? This was a question asked to one of my friends in an interview. The reply was he would choose the meat of the dead rat and will find the customers who need rat’s meat for the cats. This small incident can motivate you many ways. For those people who say that work is not possible by me. Even if u can sell a dead rat, then what is impossible by any of us. What you have to learn from this? Many of you may say you can't do this task. Always remember in the field of marketing there is no option, you have to do the task in any possible manner.

Efficacy is the key aspect of marketing.

So be positive in everything you do. The task looks next to impossible. Well impossible says i'm possible so hence it is possible ! Stay postitive and you will find success whereever you are. Sure its not gonna be easy but the right amount of hardwork and a mind with a positive attitude will make every impossible task possible.