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Tips to select a best web designer.

Tips to select a best web designer.

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31 Aug 2022

There are lots of web designers in Kerala with different web design plans, it’s very difficult to select 1 . Here is some checklist to select best website design company in Kerala.

1) Experience.
Evaluate the experience of the web design company and its web designers. We can check company age by checking their domain age, portfolio, client details etc.

2) Review.
Evaluate google my business and other client reviews of web design companies.

3) Tech used.
Most of the startup companies and freelancers use Wordpress like website builders because of its drag and drop web design features, there will be issues like slowness, simple to attack by hackers. So select web designers those who design custom websites.

4) Company or Freelancer.
Freelancers are cost effective compare to companies but freelancers have some demerits like most of the freelancers using Wordpress like website builders, chance to stop their service at anytime without any responds, because freelancers don’t have any offices, staffs or registration. So there is a chance for domain loss.

5) Portfolio Analysis.

Check the portfolio of web designers.  Analyse designs, technology and  SEO. There are lots of tools like ahref, Moz to check the website errors and SEO related things.