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Issues facing by schools in Kerala due to Covid 19

Issues facing by schools in Kerala due to Covid 19

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27 Aug 2020

Schools and Institutes are the main businesses that affected by covid 19 in Kerala, Private schools are running by the fees from the students and most of the schools don't have backups or any other financial support. 
Main problem facing by schools in Kerala due to covid 19 are,

  1. Students cannot join the online video classes at sharp time due to the unavailability of devices and internet.
  2. Even if the students joined on time, the bandwidth issue will make a jerk in live video classes
  3. There is no proper option for conducting exams or assignments.
  4. Students performance evaluation is impossible with the existing online classes.
  5. Schools can't collect fees due to the lockdown ( Most of the schools don't have an online payment system )
  6. Many of the the schools don't have proper software or online class platforms for recorded classes.

Solution for Online Class 
Schools must gor for recorded video class distribution without time limit, can use mobile apps for students to view the classes, also need option to add notes and images. Need to add an option to online omr exams.