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Discrimination in workplace !

Discrimination in workplace !

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28 Jan 2014

Discrimination basically means to distinguish one object from another.

It means to treat people differently, refers to the wrong act of making a difference in treatment or favour on a basis other than individual merit. Employment discrimination is treating one person better than other because of their gender, race, age, religion etc.

Discrimination in employment has 3 elements:

1. It is a decision made against one or more employees that is not based on merit. Like the ability to perform a job, seniority etc.

2. The decision forms a part of racial or sexual prejudice or some other kind or morally unjustified attitude towards the members of a class to which the employee belong.

3. The decision has a harmful or a negative impact on the interest of the employee.

Discrimination in employment is wrong because it violates the principle of justice. There has been a growing recognition where discrimination in employment occurs.