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Prices of luxury cars like Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes drops in India

Prices of luxury cars like Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes drops in India

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10 Jun 2014

Luxury on wheels currently prices less, because of recent moves by automotive manufacturers to assemble cars domestically and additionally supply additional engines and different components from at intervals Asian country. costs of luxury automotive models have born by Rs 10-30 hundred thousand within the past few months. Tata-owned cat managed to knock Rs twenty five hundred thousand removed from its three.0-litre XJ sedan, transferral its value right down to Rs ninety one hundred thousand. The Mercedes S category five hundred currently sells at Rs one.36 large integer (ex-showroom Pune), down Rs thirty hundred thousand.

The third-generation BMW X5, a sports utility vehicle, was launched at a worth of Rs seventy.90 lakh, concerning Rs ten hundred thousand below the outgoing model. cat managed to trim costs by beginning native assembly at its Pune plant and thru value savings accomplished by building over one model on a similar platform. Import of absolutely designed cars attracts a impost of 100% and higher than, however domestically assembled cars got to pay solely half-hour. Luxury automotive volumes have inflated from concerning twenty eight,000 in FY13 to thirty five,000 in FY14, creating native assembly additional possible.