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First video with 2 billion views - Gangnam Style

First video with 2 billion views - Gangnam Style

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06 Jun 2014

The fiercely well known "Gangnam Style" music video established its place on Saturday as one of the characterizing soundtracks of the computerized age, crushing through the two billion barrier on Youtube. 

The irresistible and humorous super hit by South Korean pop star Psy turned into an overall sensation, filling a South Korean "K-Pop" drift after it was initially transferred to the mainstream feature offering stage in July 2012. 

It keeps on garnerring many looks day by day and as of now was several thousands over the two billion imprint at an opportune time Saturday. 

Psy's move moves in "Gangnam Style" have been imitated in a bunch of videos transferred to Youtube in different dialects. 

South Korea's best late fare has additionally picked up coin past Youtube, getting to be regularly replicated, abundantly spoofed and interminably investigated. 

The tune's rupture of the two billion views imprint was a first at Youtube, where in February "Child" by Canadian pop vocalist Justin Bieber turned into the main other feature in the billion-perspective club. 

"Two billion views; they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers," Psy said in an announcement Youtube imparted to AFP on Friday. 

"With the gratefulness, I will return soon with more upbeat substance!" 

His catch up tune "Honorable man" set the record for the most Youtube perspectives in a solitary day — 38 million — on April 14, 2013. 

The "Gangnam" in the hit tune's title alludes to Seoul's most upscale private and shopping locale lined with extravagance boutiques and restaurants frequented by Vips. 

Just three percent of "Gangnam Style" views at Youtube have been from inside South Korea, underscoring Psy's worldwide appeal.


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