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Justin Bieber Retiring From World Of Music

Justin Bieber Retiring From World Of Music

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22 May 2014

The Bigout POP music star Justin Bieber said that he is going to take a break after his album Journals. He Said that word because he was expecting a big win on the album journals. but he fails to get the job done.The Album journals was an utter flop and it has no special songs that catched the audience they were flop and not even touched any single US album records,after the distraction bieber was mentally down because before that he face some arrest for drugs and rash driving around the city. so he is worried now and he needs a come back so that he is decided to stop releasing new albums and he is doing part time stage shows. and also re-recording songs that are previously made into the world of music.

His latest recording was the Michael Jackson's Xscape Albums Song "Slave To The Rhythem"


The News was so shocking for the audience all around the world and fans..

Some of them replied as :

justin Bieber is apparently retiring from music. Best Christmas present ever.

                                                                  — little one ⚡️ (@imthatkidshery)

Can't believe Justin Bieber's thinking about retiring, he's only 19????✊

After all the audience were eagerly waiting for the unpredictable return of their favourite singer back.




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