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Michael Jackson's Hologram Show At Billiboard Music Awards 2014 ( Slave To Rhythm )

Michael Jackson's Hologram Show At Billiboard Music Awards 2014 ( Slave To Rhythm )

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20 May 2014

Michael Jackson, the king pop was an american pop singer, recording artist, guitar player and a super live performer in the world. Mj got the media and public hype more than any other pop singers. now its about the 4 th death anniversary of the king of pop. So as a tribute the king the billiboard music awards arranged a muslical visual tribute to michael jackson in a never before Holographic Show of Michael Jackson. Its all about lasers visuals and all. All based on the Artificial inteligence. the 7D Techinique used made the audience stand on there feet to see michael jackson moving again like a real human being. Michael Jackson also performed The prestigiues Moonwalk Dance. The whole stage geared up and most of them fall in tears that there king of pop is back on stage. the social media's gave a live streams for that.

But most of the famous people replied about this show On twitter as follows :

Recording artist Trevor Morgan tweeted "MICHAEL JACKSON HOLOGRAM IS RAD."

New York magazine's Vulture assistant editor Lindsey Weber tweeted "turns out this michael jackson hologram is just as confusing and uncomfortable as we imagined."

Twitter user Assata H. seemed to fall in the middle, tweeting "That Michael Jackson hologram kind of scared was cool. But it was weird." Twitter user Arjun V tweeted " #MJ hollow show was scarey and unpredictable.."

Michael Jacksons personal twitter account now used by MJJ Productions inc posted as Michael Jackson ‏@michaeljackson May 18

MJ history was just made on Billboard Music Awards. Did you see it? #MJILLUSION

All Though the show was excellent.... yes