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The Disney Star MILEY CYRUS are few people Who get away being with TOTAL HYPOCRITES

The Disney Star MILEY CYRUS are few people Who get away being with TOTAL HYPOCRITES

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05 Apr 2014

What did Miley Cyrus do to get on a list of the biggest hypocrites in entertainment? Everything, that's what. She did everything to get on this list. Her crimes are so numerous in that respect that listing all of them here would take an article all unto itself. I can prove that, actually, because when looking for potential entries for this column, a mere search for "hypocritical celebrities" turned up this exhaustive rundown of Miley Cyrus' extensive catalog of flip-flopping and going back on her word. I encourage you to read it all, you know, at some point, and only if you're interested. Until then, here are a few of the most heinous examples from their investigation:

There is a video of Miley Cyrus declaring that not only will she never do drugs, but that she doesn't live in fear of looking like a hypocritical idiot should her stance on the matter ever change, because, guys, it's just not going to. Miley Cyrus is not that person. [Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dzHTomzjRo]
Well, after saying all this about her ‘never using drugs’. She actually did use drugs. [Please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd76imsbVlc#t=52].That's Miley Cyrus smoking "salvia" with a bunch of friends, all while having the good judgment to ask that someone video the proceedings, because, you know, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, we know what went wrong. That video was leaked to the Internet, and Miley Cyrus, at that exact moment, began her transformation from Disney princess to "Blurred Lines" sexual assault victim. So let me make myself clear, first of all she shouldn’t have made the anti-drug policy as it wasn’t a good one because she did break that policy and she has no option on covering the mistake she has done. I bet she regrets making that policy statement. Now everyone suddenly has a solid proof that Miley Cyrus is the worst kind of hypocrite the kind who gets drunk or high with you and then lectures you about being busted up until they finally sober up and realize they've been an asshole for the last eight hours. I don't care how rad her songs make them seem, a Miley Cyrus party sounds awful now.

Last but not the least, I would like to conclude that even though there are many people who are against Miley Cyrus and her crazy actions , there are many people across the world who admire what she is presently now. Well I just told my views about her. The way she goes from being a very amazing girl into one hypocrite. 


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