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Michael Jacksons Xscape Album

Michael Jacksons Xscape Album

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11 May 2014

The Xscape , An unreleased album of the king of pop michael jackson is releasing on May 13 th 2014. its his second posthumous album released after the album Immortal. The xscape get a world wide attention even before the release . the social networking sites like twitter,facebook, etc are trending with the name Xscape with the hashtag #xscape.

The michael was planning to do the album by 2010 but the recording at all made to a complete disaster and he fall in big debts. Now the family members accepted to release the album. and The xscape will strikes the world by 13th may 2014.

The Album Xscape consits of 5 to 6 songs and one named Xscape Itself..

Anyways the album expected to be a big hit..

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