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'An excess of light in bedroom bad for your waistline'

'An excess of light in bedroom bad for your waistline'

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05 Jun 2014

Is it accurate to say that you are putting on weight for no clear reason? Check on the off chance that you are presenting yourself to an excessive amount of light while sleeping. 

sleeping with an excess of light in the room builds the danger of obesity in ladies, another study says. 

"The associations we saw in our study between light presentation at night time and obesity are extremely fascinating," said educator Anthony Swerdlow from the Institute of Cancer Research, London. 

The study included more than 113,000 ladies who were taken after for 40 years. 

"Digestion system is influenced by cyclical rhythms inside the body that identify with dozing, waking and light presentation," Swerdlow clarified. 

"These discoveries add weight to past results from creature thinks about that researched how light presentation, circadian rhythms and digestion system could all be joined somehow," Matthew Lam, an examination officer with the philanthropy Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Britain. 

The study showed up in the American Journal Of Epidemiology.