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Magic mixture to get rid of swollen eyes!

Magic mixture to get rid of swollen eyes!

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20 Sep 2014

Try to get enough sleep
Some girls suffer from the problem of bulging eyes upon direct their wakeful sleep, to investigate this bulge and look the most beautiful views in the morning.
Follow the following tips:

-Try to get enough sleep, so this helps to regenerate skin cells.

-Cut the caffeine.

-Use creams to skin or whitish green tea or vitamin "C", it deals with increasing levels of melanin that causes bloating.
-As far as possible, do not attack the Sun without protective lotions.
Drink enough water to keep the skin color and freshness.

Well you can do mask "Chamomile" known as effective in getting rid of bulging eyes, here's the recipe:


-2 tablespoons of dried Chamomile.
-TSP red.
-1 tsp green tea.

Method of preparation:

-Gently boil the ingredients in a glass of water in a suitable pot.
-Remove the pot from the heat and leave to cool completely then save it in the refrigerator for one hour.
-A national but a small piece of cotton and wipe it on your eyes very gently, and then place the cloth comes eye to pull heat out of the eye.
-Do change the cloth comes the more warm and replace them with other wet.
Repeat this process for 15 minutes daily in the morning and before bedtime to get rid of swollen eyes spam.