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Basic Daily Skin Care Regime

Basic Daily Skin Care Regime

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25 Jan 2014

1) Regular washing of the skin

It is very necessary for you to wash your face on a regular basis. The dirt that accumulates on your skin forms a layer on your face making it look dull . It is not necessary to use very expensive products as a face wash . In fact face washes should be mild and scentless. Make sure if you have dry skin you do NOT use harsh cleansing agents as it makes your skin even more dry. It is advisable to wash face in the morning , before sleeping and whenever returning back from outside. Cetaphil’s cleansing lotion is a very effective mild face wash for sensitive skin .

2) Weekly Scrub

The dead skin on your face forms a layer which needs to be scrubbed off . Weekly once using a scrub helps to get rid of this layer and makes your face looks livelier and helps it breath! While you scrub gently use your finger tips and rub in round circles over your face and specially nose (to remove those blackheads) . An avocado scrub works wonders!

3) Moisturizing

Most of us miss out on this one whereas it is the most important! Every time after you wash face your face it is necessary for you to moisturize it as it helps keeps your face hydrated! The ones with oily skin should not use a heavy layer of moisturizing as their skin is already hydrated enough with the natural oil. 

4) Rub Ice

After you scrub and wash your face it is advisable to rub your face with an ice cube as it helps close your pores and prevent pimples.  Rubbing ice makes your skin feel livelier (and yes also helps you wake up!!! )

Following these four easy steps for your daily regime will help your skin feel good and healthy and also save you those monthly parlor trips for a “clean up” ! 


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