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Stress at work: An evil for the health of a woman

Stress at work: An evil for the health of a woman

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14 Sep 2014

The challenge of the women at work has negative effects such as tension

Many women today to combine attain professional success and care for the family, but for this challenge, sought by many women, the effects may not be aware that the primary cause is the tension and stress in the professional field.

What health conditions are caused by tension and stress at work in women?

Hair loss:

Stress affect work very negatively on women's hair causing hair loss significantly.The reason that women and their from the stress at work have an imbalance of hormones.

And raising tension and stress level of adrenaline that the body converts it to a microcontroller and then some kind of hormone is "hydro testosterone, a hormone that causes hair loss in men.

The question that I have bad hair situation is that stress also affects the body's ability to absorb nutrients that enter it through the foods you eat and it may not benefit the hair bulbs of these nutrients.

The drug is useful in this case is to try to take enough hours of sleep and activities that reduce stress and stress at work as a yoga practice for example.

The tension can be addressed the types of vitamin B and eat more low-fat protein such as cheese, milk and dairy products.

Preferably eat these kinds of nutrients in the morning at breakfast that hair get sachets of energy since the morning.

As the women that high intake of foods rich in iron such as red meat intake and green leafy vegetables and cereals.


Of health conditions affecting women because of stress at work is the appearance of acne, although they have over young long ago.

Studies have shown that acne was cases that afflict many women aged twenty-sixth, and forty-fourth because of tension and stress.Most things that induce acne in women is the tension and stress, which increases the rate of their male hormone.

Here the woman being exposed to bad situation to consult your doctor, who may prescribe types of creams and medications antibacterial kalantibiotik plus it can suggest hormone treatment.As vitamin A is of the most effective treatments in such cases.

Possibility of infertility:

The cases of infertility among the worst health conditions that can afflict women of stress and anxiety you might face at work.

Research suggests that stress can lead to low levels of two hormones that have a significant role in fertility among women.

The research also showed that women working in professional fields are complex and not very craft during the day not more susceptible to this condition.

The women who were suffering from the inability to ovulation show that ratios of cortisol hormone in the brain were high a hormone associated with stress and psychological stress.

It is difficult to deceive one's brain, if women exercised hard work and continuous mental effort the brain Sievers high rates of this hormone.

Thus, the high proportion of women feeling stress at work increases the ratio of cortisol hormone in the brain which affects fertility


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