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Tips to tighten the slack skin after weight loss

Tips to tighten the slack skin after weight loss

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02 May 2014

A fitness concern because women, who seek always to lose a lot of mid-upper arm in various ways, in a short time, by following strict diets for strength is lean. But excessive weight loss occurs very quickly causing you the problem of sagging skin, wrinkles and cracks in the skin, as well as pregnancy and childbirth.

 Why you lose skin after weight loss?

 When losing weight, especially over a short period of time, you lose your skin components of fat layers that keep it elastic, but suffer from a lack of sufficient time to adjust to the new look.

In addition to weight loss, aging and poor nutrition and dehydration and excessive exposure to the Sun and smoking affect all in skin elasticity.

 Below we mention few tips to tighten the slack skin:

 1. Lose weight quickly

Sudden fevers, which can deprive the body of all the necessary materials and sport amounts to confer a loss of muscle mass and fat very quickly. and so, trying to lose approximately 1 kg per week.

2. Keep the moisture

Water is a primary key to maintaining skin elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to drink approximately litrin per day.

3. Eat at the right time

Keep the ingredients essential to the skin freshness and elasticity: collagen and elastin "two in protein-rich foods, such as milk, cottage cheese, vegetables, tofu, beans, seeds and fish, as well as the oils that help maintain healthy skin.

To ensure the maximum level of absorption, eat 100 to 200 calories of protein immediately after a workout.

4. Exercise

Make sure to include your athlete to loss weight lifting some weights, so you don't loose your turn. So, I am trying to exercise three times a week, at least.


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