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Hyundai builds a Cayman killer

Hyundai builds a Cayman killer

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01 Jun 2014

This Hyundai Veloster idea contains a turbocharged 2-litre, 296-horsepower engine within the middle. It'sreferred to as the Midship, and that we demand that it's designed this instant.

Because it'sbasically, a baby supercar. slightly just like the Renaultsport clio V6 and VW Golf GTI W12-650.there is light-weight alloy suspension, what appearance to be a spaceframe chassis (though Hyundai Britaincould not tell America either way), and a carbon fibre shelf on the rear.

It's also been designed by identical bods that place along the i20 World Rally Championship automobile, pictured below – another 296hp caterpillar (but with machine drive and therefore the engine within the front)that is been grading WRC platform finishes this season – pretty spectacular considering it is the 1st time Hyundai's entered the WRC for 10 years.

Trouble is, it's another one among those vapourware idea cars. A interpreter told America that the Midship can"explore prospects for the Veloster chassis and is presently not associated with any future production model".

That said, whereas the words that follow subsequent comma ar decisively incorrect and supported nothinghowever blind optimism, we're sure that the South Korean manufacturer can build it if you tell them to.