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A new drug to treat a form of muscular dystrophy

A new drug to treat a form of muscular dystrophy

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26 May 2014

Awarded the European Medicines Agency the green light to a new drug works to treat a form of muscular dystrophy disease Aldoshina.

The work is limited to the property, which carries the name "Tranclarena", to treat people with what is known medically as "boom waffle," and they make up between 10 to 15 percent of people with macular Aldoshina. The agency had decided not to permit sale of the drug last January, but it has been working since then to examine the evidence to the extent of its effectiveness. While confirming a campaign on the importance of the arrival of the drug without the delay to the children who need it .There is currently no treatments are allowed to treat this health condition that threatens the life of the injured. The agency said that the biggest beneficiaries of the new drug are aged five years or more, who are still unable to walk. The Muscular Dystrophy Aldoshina hereditary disease causes muscle weakness and loss of its functions gradually. The injured suffered by the lack of normal dystrophin, a protein that helps protect muscles from injury, where those affected muscles to stop working. There are 2,400 children infected with the disease in the United Kingdom, however, that people with a certain type of it, a "boom waffle", who number about two hundred children, they only can be treated with a drug, "Tranclarena."


And will promote the property finder, Alotaloren, on behalf of the European Union "Tranclarena." The BTC medicines are developed. The next step will be the ratification of the European Commission's decision to grant the agency the green light for the drug during the next three months, and by promoting allowed in the countries of the European Union. Here, Member States must, including the UK, to identify ways of financing the property. The campaign called for the prevention of disease muscular dystrophy to hold urgent meetings with the National Institute of Health and Biomedical Excellence and the National Health Service in England to discuss ways to approve the circulation of the drug and its use in the United Kingdom. The campaign said that the property could be up to households in the United Kingdom by the spring of 2015. The head of the campaign, Robert Meadowcroft, said that "the decision of the European Medicines Agency was great news."He Meadowcroft said: "Most of have been diagnosed with the disease, they are in the habit before the age of five, using a wheelchair electrically before the age of twelve., And lose the ability of muscle to carry a cup of water at the age of twenty, and will not live to the age of thirty. But Tranclarena gives us a measure great deal of hope required.”He added that increasing the number of patients taking "Tranclarena" will help to accelerate the process of developing the property. Clinical trials are still ongoing on the property, and will send its findings to the European Medicines Agency