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Think of a world without bald heads!

Think of a world without bald heads!

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28 Jan 2014

Yes it is going to happen soon. Research is heading in a positive direction and scientists had discovered a gene which can stop shedding of hair. It is a complex network of genes. This network checks the series of hair growth. Researchers are confident that the identified network of genes can eradicate baldness. The findings can open the doors to reverse baldness and diminishing hairlines. University of Southern California’s scientists studied various issues such as when the hairs grow, when stops and when it sheds.

Researchers concentrated mainly on stem cells in hair follicles called hfSCs. hfSCs can generate the skin and hair follicles again. BMP and Wnt are the signaling pathways which governs the hfSCs. BMP and Wnt are the group of molecules that coordinate to check cell functions, which include hair growth cycle. Absences of Wnt results in short hairs. Smad1 and Smad5 are two key proteins. Examining the function of Smad1 and Smad5 helped the researchers explain the workings of the BMP signaling pathway. BMP signaling maintains the stability of different types of adult stem cell populations; implementation for future therapies might be potentially much broader than baldness. It includes skin regeneration for patients who suffered burns and skin cancer.