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A simple Micro hair technique

A simple Micro hair technique

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26 Jan 2014

Do you feel sad that your hairs are falling randomly? are you worried about the future?
Then its time you relax as HIS (Hair-Ink-Skin) a company has developed a new way to help bald people.

They use a very natural looking technique, a tattooed in buzz cut, this helps us to be stylist and hide the fact that we are bald. So no longer we need expensive plugs or fake wigs to cover up.

They call this technique Micro Hair Technique(MHT) it is a product of years of hardwork.

The process is simple, they mix and match different shades of ink to make it look like in the right size and shape of real micro hairs.

Another advantage of this post is that it costs very less compared to hair transplant and all. This is one of the main factors that is increasing its demand rapidly.