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What is the difference between a weak libido and sexual disfunction?

What is the difference between a weak libido and sexual disfunction?

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03 Oct 2014

The problem may be a lack of sexual desire in men the subject does not like to talk about it or consulting a doctor, but without doubt worthy of research and treatment in Green apples with howaida. Therefore, hosted by Dr. Arunachalam, a specialist in male infertility and genital diseases to talk about this subject and on its causes and treatments in detail.

At first, Dr. Underwood knew this theme down in the desire of men to practice intimacy. It is part of the definition of discrimination between low sexual desire and impotence as there is a big difference between the two concepts.

As for the causes, the abbreviated her reasons related to the life style of man, another Member of satisfactory and other psychic.

For lifestyle, is overweight, smoking, drug addiction, lack of exercise or any other effort. The pathological causes of certain diseases such as diabetes, renal, hematology and Oncology, or cancer, studies have shown that chronic diseases accompanied by low, sometimes sharply, on rates of testosterone and libido.

Psychological causes is when passing the man with psychic is very delicate, sometimes leading to a lack of sexual desire as a separation from his wife or disagreed with his partner, for example, add to that the pressure of life and daily stress that live them.

The men rest assured it is not surprising that suffer this problem, and to know that they are more quickly in a doctor's visit and consultation or treatment or examinations required more delaying other problems, such as social problems.

In terms of treatment, in cases of illness, the patient's treatment of diabetes and blood pressure to rise the most chronic diseases influence psychological on the patient.

In pharmaceutical treatments, sometimes may be used to provide the body with the necessary amount of the hormone testosterone in case of shortage. But in other cases it may result in double the body's production of these hormones and replaced by alternatives to hormones and stimulants to reproduce naturally again. any treatment, in short, is based on the idea of stimulating the internal glands of the body.