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Saudi Arabia warns breeders beauty of the risk of transmission of the virus Coruna

Saudi Arabia warns breeders beauty of the risk of transmission of the virus Coruna

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12 May 2014

As it approaches the number living with the Middle East, respiratory (MERS) in Saudi Arabia of the 500, Ministry of Agriculture issued Arabia Sunday issued a warning to breeders beauty need to wear masks and take into account health conditions at their work with their animals for the prevention of disease caused by a virus of the species Corona is very similar to far the virus that causes SARS, which has killed almost 800 infected since it emerged in Asia in 2002. And public health experts say that beauty is the custodial parent most likely to transmit HIV infection. More than 25 percent of the 480 patients had died as results were hurt.

The high number of casualties raises concern in Saudi Arabia and other countries, especially that the country expects the arrival of large numbers of visitors in the month of Ramadan, which will mark the month of July next. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture "are advised to wear masks and protective gloves, especially when dealing with cases of birth and beauty sick and dead."The ministry also advised to eat meat cooked just beauty and boil camel milk before eating. The statement urged breeder’s beauty to report outbreaks of the disease in the animals immediately. The Saudi Ministry of Health has avoided touching the existence of any relationship between beauty and the disease to late last month.