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Microsoft Launches a Tablet device competes laptop

Microsoft Launches a Tablet device competes laptop

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21 May 2014

Microsoft revealed about the tablet device, "Tablet", as the new "Service Pro 3", larger screen and a faster version of its predecessor of the operating system "Windows 8."

The area of ​​the new device's screen tablet 30.5 cm (12-inch), any larger by 38 percent.The company boasted that the new device has a thickness of 9.9 millimeters, which makes it "less personal computer thicker", running one of the more processors produced by Intel Corporation efficiency. The analyst said he believes that there is a demand for such a device characteristics in the corporate world. Said Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, at the launching ceremony of the new device in New York, "Our goal is to create new categories, and the renewal of the demand on our system as a whole. This is what inspires us, and lead us to the production of the devices in our work."Sales have outperformed tablet devices produced by companies Apple, Samsung, Asus, and Lenovo, and Amazon, according to research announced by the Foundation "IDC", the Microsoft. But Microsoft is promoting the new organ as a "substitute for the laptop," and compares it to your Apple Tablet "IPad", and likely director of research at IDC, John Delaney, said he should be judged upon according to these standards.

Delaney told the BBC: "It is accurate to say that the new device does not attract only a small proportion of the market for tablet devices, because it is designed to attract buyer’s laptop.""I think there is a demand for something causes the function of the personal computer, and be light and thinner, and cheaper than other devices, such as the Mac Book Air. Contains Service Pro 3 batteries lasts work longer, and will increase the number of accept to buy it. The price will be Service Pro 3799 U.S. dollars, compared with the Mac Book Air, which is estimated at U.S. $ 899. Microsoft says that the new device's battery life up to nine hours, and that more than 2 Pro Service by 10 percent.

Denied rumors


It has been proven not to the health of the rumors that were saying that Microsoft will launch the "Service" Mini supported operating system "Windows RT."The operating system "Windows RT" has faced difficulties in the trade of organs Service, so that Microsoft was forced to reduce the price of the stock to U.S. $ 900, after it announced a reduction in prices was not planned. Among the applications are not in the Windows RT photo-editing software Photoshop. Said Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner Consulting technological, he would not be surprised to the Microsoft focused its efforts now, on operating systems, "Windows", a collection of Nokia phones, which recently acquired, as well as devices Service.