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New Smart Umbrellas to collect data on rainfall

New Smart Umbrellas to collect data on rainfall

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03 May 2014

Can you imagine that you can become a mobile weather station? This is what is planned Rolf Hat, a professor at the University of Technology Delft, the Netherlands, as it aims to transform Mazlatna to Sensors to rain. Vmazlth smart first of its kind by the sensors recognize when raindrops fall on the cloth, and use Bluetooth technology to send this information by phone to a computer.

Hat and imagine that thousands can participate in the collection of data for researchers who rely on a large number of scientific measuring devices. A Hat for the BBC: "We have a remote sensing satellite, but we no longer measure the rain on the ground because the cost of maintaining the sensors high. Therefore, lower bodies of Meteorology of the number of sensors, causing a problem for the researchers to control water or water resources for non- the availability of data which they depend. Hat Show and umbrella at the general meeting of the Federation of European science and geography. It is through the installation of a small sensor under the canvas awning, can measure the vibrations caused by falling raindrops.

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The probe relates to a private phone Bluetooth headset intelligent, and the movement of information on the application letter to the rain, the phone who shall in turn converts this data into a laptop computer through a communications network.The findings and other laboratory experiments conducted in the yard of a house in Hat Day fell where small amounts of rain to the encouraging results. The match those results with traditional rain gauge is already used. Hat says that the idea to develop the work of the glory, so that took a lot of time. He added: "With time, this technology will be available in each umbrella, umbrellas or even distinctive. Once you open the parachute, sending data to be downloaded to your phone to the network."

He added: "We will have hundreds of sensors rain floating around the city, which means great progress for our ability to understand the patterns of water in urban areas. It will also improve our ability to predict flooding cities and take the necessary action in crises."The idea of ​​the collection of information by the public is not unique. And other research groups are looking for similar ideas, such as the windscreen in modern cars, which occupy spaces automatically when the rain fall. They even adjust the speed according to the intensity of rainfall areas. Says Chris Kidd, of the U.S. space agency NASA, said that the number of scientific rain sensors on the ground is a little shocking. He stressed the importance during his speech at a meeting of the Federation of European science and geography. He said that if we tried to collect spaces that have sensors provide real-time data to meteorological agencies, will be smaller than the center circle of the ball in the court. There are thousands of sensors, but getting them to instant information is difficult.

He added that despite the use of remote sensors and satellites to measure rainfall accurately, but they need to be "facts of the earth." Sensors global terrestrial network is part of the process of verifying the authenticity of the information. Kidd believes that the collection of information by the masses may play an important role if the quality assurance of the data that can be provided. But he stressed there is no alternative to the traditional scientific probes, as "less than their numbers, especially in developing countries, due to the high cost."He added: "We must look for ways to improve their networks. Example, in coastal areas, there is an important project to compensate peasants physically exchange for the collection of data, and to ensure the continued operation of sensors. Takes as farmers paid for the quality of that data. Doing so, they are part of the investment in sensors. "