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Toyota to introduce Hydrogen powered electric cars in US

Toyota to introduce Hydrogen powered electric cars in US

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28 Jan 2014

Hydrogen-powered electric cars expected to be sold more than previous expectations of toyota.they're bringing it out for sale in the US in 2015.toyota calls it FCV currently.it uses hydrogen as fuel for a battery and steam is the only exhaust.according to toyota,it'll focus on selling cars in California at first.the cars are expected to be sold for $50,000-$100,000-aiming for the lower end of the range.

The car is said to have a range of 300 miles,can accelerate from standstill to 60 mph in 10 seconds only and is able to refuel its hydrogen tank in 3-5 mins.It is a hydrogen-powered vehicle that emits only water vapor as exhaust will go on sale in the U.S.

Toyota's deputy chief engineer and the man in charge of the FCV project - the latest iteration of which was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show this week - says the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle is the car for the next 100 years.They also says that they will look for sale in California mainly as a start.

California has approved $200 million to build 20 fueling stations by '15,40 by '16 and 100 by '24.

So lets wait for this hydrogen powered car.!