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Magic Keyboard Vs Smart Keyboard - Which One is Better?

Magic Keyboard Vs Smart Keyboard - Which One is Better?

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15 Aug 2022

Is There a Better Keyboard for Your iPad than the Smart Folio Keyboard? There are two first-party keyboards for Apple's iPad, but which one is better to buy?

Smart Folio Keyboards and Magic Keyboards are Apple's two wireless keyboards for iPad. But the difference in price, features, and compatibility is crucial. Keyboards help tablets are more productive by transforming them into laptops, so users can easily create and edit files like word documents, slides, and spreadsheets.

Depending on the type of tablet a user has, they can buy several different keyboards. Some are first-party and made specifically for the device by the manufacturer. Some are made by third parties that can be used with various devices. A third-party keyboard will cost much less than a first-party keyboard and will probably offer more features and functions.

Comparing the Magic Keyboard for iPad and Smart Keyboard Folio shows some similarities and differences. There is no Bluetooth connection between the two keyboards, although they are both wirelesses. As a result, smart connectors are used to connect them to the iPad. They also do not need to be recharged as the iPad powers them, so they do not need a battery to function. The case has the same keys as the iPad (64), covering both sides. There is no comparison between the two keyboards in terms of price. The Smart Keyboard Folio starts at $179, whereas the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad starts at $299. White and black are the only two colour choices available on the latter, and it comes with two options for the case.

Magic Keyboard vs Smart Keyboard Folio

The Magic Keyboard has a trackpad, which is a major difference. Unlike the Smart Keyboard Folio, it doesn't come with a mouse, so users must use the iPad's touch screen or connect a mouse separately. Besides having a USB-C port built into its hinge, the Magic Keyboard can also be charged via USB-C so that users can plug their charger into the harbour. This port can then connect a peripheral or external display to the iPad. A Magic Keyboard has a floating design that allows the iPad to be tilted from 90 to 130 degrees, whereas the Smart Keyboard Folio has only two settings for inclination.

Key travel is 1mm, and a scissor-switch mechanism is used in Apple's Magic Keyboard. It is also equipped with backlit keys, which makes it possible to use them even in the dark. Unfortunately, there are no backlit keys on the Smart Keyboard Folio. In apple macbook air lineup, there are multiple models; among them, the size is one of the major differences between them. The difference also carries over to the keyboards, which is why certain keyboards may not work with some iPads. Buy smart folio keyboard online and Magic Keyboard are available in two variants - an iPad Pro 12.9-inch model is designed for the third, fourth, and fifth-generation iPad Pro. On the other hand, the other one works with all three generations of iPad Pro 11-inch and all iPad Air models with 10.9-inch screens.

Magic Keyboard is the Best Option

Aside from its trackpad, backlit keys, and pass-through charging, Apple's Magic Keyboard is the best option for most people. On the downside, it's a bit pricey - $349 for the 12.9-inch one. You can go with the Smart Keyboard Folio if those features aren't necessary. The lack of a trackpad will indeed hinder IPad productivity, but there are affordable Bluetooth mice that can fill the gap, such as the Logitech Pop Mouse.