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Apple prohibits the use of two chemicals to the seriousness of the health

Apple prohibits the use of two chemicals to the seriousness of the health

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17 Aug 2014

Apple has banned the American Electronics use two chemicals Shididta toxicity due to seriousness of potential health at the stage of final assembly in 22 of the factories producing its "iPhone" and "iPad".

The company said that benzene, a carcinogen, and that-hexene, which can cause nerve damage, would not be used in cleaning materials or materials degreasing in its factories.

The move comes in the wake of a campaign demanding the technology giant to stop using these substances.

And confirmed one of the groups based on this campaign should be on Apple to take place "in a more in-depth examination of their own supply chain."

And announced Lisa Jackson, director of environmental affairs at Apple for the company's pledge to get rid of these articles, it said in a statement that Apple has launched an investigation after questions were raised whether these chemicals are used in factories or not.

The company confirmed that it has not been found "evidence of the health of workers exposed to danger" in any of the 22 plants that have been had, but four of these plants which were found traces of benzene or ethylene-hexene said.

Jackson added that, as a result, "Tell us of our limitations imposed strict on the use of gasoline-hexene, and to prevent their use explicitly in the final assembly operations."

Although benzene and ethylene-hexene are used commonly in many household products, as well as in automobile fuel and paint thinners, the exposure to these chemicals can cause adverse health effects.

And works in Apple's factories of the 22 visited, mostly in China, a total of about 500 thousand workers.

But these plants represent only “first tier” of Apple’s suppliers, and there are hundreds of small companies that operate in the company's products across the country.

Foundation said "China LIBOR Watch", a nonprofit organization based in New York leading the campaign to claim Apple to improve safety standards, told the BBC that she welcomes this pledge to get rid of the chemicals, but stressed that the real test will be in the implementation.

He said the company's CEO Lee Kuang said that "Apple has pledges years ago relating to labor standards such as hours of work, overtime and temporary labor rules, but there is often a widespread neglect of this Code of Conduct."

He said he worried about "Apple's ability to monitor the implementation" of the ban.

In a statement on its website, called the organization "Green America" ​​defending the environment Apple to do more procedures to ensure the safety of workers in its supply chain.

She said that "in addition to benzene and ethylene-hexene, there are thousands of chemicals used in electronics manufacturing, some of them did not try dramatically, and many of the chemicals used by Apple's suppliers are still undeclared."

And confirmed that Apple still needs "to examine the supply chain deeper, and monitor suppliers Level II and III, where do not have the use of chemicals and the safety procedures a great deal of control."