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Quantum Computing: Challenges,Triumphs and Applications

Quantum Computing: Challenges,Triumphs and Applications

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27 Jan 2014

Quantum computing is one of the field of research that has the potential to truly transform a technology.such machines could make todays best computers look like basic toys.the researchers in this sector claim that they are proceeding very fast and made a quantum processor,which is still controversial.

There are several challenges in building a large-scale quantum computer - fabrication, verification, and architecture. The power of quantum computing varies from the ability to store a complex state in a single bit. This also makes quantum systems difficult to build,to verify and to design it. Quantum states are fragile, so fabrication must be precise, and bits must often operate at very low temperatures.

Quantum entanglement enables the ultra-fast calculations through these computers,which will make our modern computers into 'Tortoise-speeded' machines.